Success In Spite Of Failure

People contact me regularly to guest post on the blog. Most of the time, this attempts are weak and irrelevant to what I share on the blog. However, this one stuck out.

I discuss chasing your dreams, failure, and perseverance regularly. This infographic speaks directly to these topics and is a great reminder that no matter what failures you think you’ve gone through, you’re not alone. Remember, success is closer than you realize.

Please enjoy this piece from Essay Tigers:

We all have our own special dream. Either it’s programming a revolutionary breakthrough app, writing a bestselling book, opening a nice family coffee shop or finding a cure for cancer, a dream is a dream and much work has to be done in order to make it happen. Loads of obstacles will be in the way, and to overcome them you have to believe in your dream and in your strength to achieve the goal. There is no room for a fear of failure.

What if you do have a fear of making mistakes or losing? Fight it or embrace it! Get rid of it or use it as a motivator.

First of all you have to think of the next endeavor as an experiment, not a final choice of action. Every experiment has either a positive or negative outcome. Both are good. If it’s positive, great, you’re one step closer to your dream, Or better – your dream has already come true! If negative, it’s also good, because now you will know for sure that this action or this direction have been wrong and next time you should take a different one. In other words, you learn from the mistakes and move on.

Another thing you can do is stop calling your failure a failure. Use other words, for example, a setback. A setback is a reversal of progress or a delay. It doesn’t mean that the process has stopped and you have to give up what you’ve started. Keep working, just don’t make that same mistake again.

The guys from Essay Tigers have created an infographic that showcases successful people that had failed multiple times before they’d made their dreams happen. Did you know that Albert Einstein was expelled from high school and Walt Disney was fired because he lacked imagination? Get inspired by these stories and start working on your dream.

Success Through Failure