Why I Will Never Make A Resume or Get Another Job

At the risk of sounding like a lost boy from Career Neverland, today I’m diving into some struggles about my career and the path I’m slowly creeping down. If you’ve ever made some large decisions you were unsure about (especially in your career) than I hope you can relate and I hope I can add some clarity to your situation. 

Either way, I would love to hear feedback from those of you out there that have made decisions like this that are potentially compromising to who you believe you are.


The Situation

For the past two months I’ve struggled with the decision of what to do with my professional career. Choice 1: I can continue on with the entrepreneurial journey and continue to build my marketing company. Choice 2: I can give in (that’s how I see it at least), make a resume, and start applying for a “real job,” and probably make way more money than I will this (& next) year on my own. 

To me, the easiest thing to do is to finish a resume and start actually applying for jobs. I haven’t technically finished any applications with companies since they all require a resume. I have this idealistic dream in my head where I never make a resume and I tell a men-tee or grandkid that story years down the road as they listen in disbelief.

I’m not sure who I’m kidding with this, nor am I sure who even cares about that sort of thing besides me. But I cannot seem to shake this Robert Frost quote!

I Love Quotes

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – I took the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”

I’ve always been one to go against the grain and I feel like I would be selling out if I went to work for someone else. Have you ever felt like you are selling yourself short? Well that’s about how I feel every time I apply for a job or start to put a resume together. I’ve began about 10 applications and never really finished any of them.

Living Up to the Hype

Yes, I have a huge fear of failing on my own, that’s definitely part of it. I accomplished a lot very early in my career (I was the VP of a $25,000,000 company at 23) and now it’s time for my follow-up act. But that fear alone won’t stop me.

Holy smokes there are millions upon millions of people that go to work everyday for someone else… are they all miserable? I know some people love their jobs, I used to be one of them, but head and my heart are stuck on this “do it my own way” path and I can’t sell myself short without at least making a go at it.

I also have this idea in my head that all corporations are bad, no matter how small they might be or how great they look from the outside.

I could be gripping life too tight, I’ve considered that. My faith teaches me to let go and trust that I will be taken care of. But right now I feel I’m drifting in the wind like a hippie at a concert instead of being guided to my destination. Then again I’m not a supreme being, so I have no idea what it will look like when I am guided anyways.

The Decision

Even if the dream of never making a resume crumbles, I’ve come to the decision that’s not what’s driving me to build this company. It’s my personal pride in my work and this idea that I can’t sell myself short without at least trying. Similar to William Wallace, I would rather go out in a blaze of glory than just give in.

Failure may come, and it will suck worse than I can imagine right now. But if I don’t try, I’ll have to live with the regret of never trying. I can live with that, but it’s the regret of never having tried that will eat me alive.

What one decision were you overly anxious about in your career? In hindsight, has it been a make or break decision? 

Join the discussion with me, I would love your feedback on this subject. 

Have a great day!

  • Liam

    Man. I just made a big jump to a big company here last week. Went from working for the little guy to the big guy. It scare the hell out of me!

    • How good did it feel when you landed on your feet and realized you were gonna be alright in that new role? It’s always so scary, but when we finally approach whatever is scaring it, it never seems as big and bad. Congrats buddy, way to make it to the big leagues!

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  • Yamil Leon Vila

    Found your post looking into people struggling with changes and hardships. I wish I knew what entrepreneurship was years ago. Currently a pharm tech at community retail pharmacy. The place has become too small for me. Everyday I give it my all and I do feel like I’m selling myself short. Too short. Every night after an 8 hr workshift I look up how to be an entrepreneurship and how do I start. Still, I find no apparent talent or idea that I can work with. Fear, self doubt and ignorance has slowed me down on the realizations of my dreams. Looking for financial stability so that I can pay my studies on neurosciences… Many ideas that I could work with..

    • Hi Yamil, you’re in a great position! Just because you have a job doesn’t mean you can’t ALSO be an entrepreneur or even a freelancer who makes some $$$ on the side. Start with your current hobbies: can you teach a course on any of them? can you sell a product or an information product like an ebook to help people with something? It doesn’t take much to get started, but you DO have to put yourself out there. First, check out this blog about facing fears: http://pickadirection.com/fear-not Then, if you’re serious about becoming an entrepreneur, check out http://iwillteachyoutoberich.com and Ramit Sethi has LOADS of information on starting a side business. You’ve got it in you, I know it! Take that first step and don’t look back. Do it again. And again. And again!